The IB Diploma Program
The IB Diploma Program is designed for the last two years of school. It prepares students for university and allows them to fulfill the requirements of various national systems.
The program consists of two major elements: The academic subjects and the special features which consists of the extended essay, the theory of knowledge course (TOK) and the creativity, action and service ( CAS) program. The whole program is represented in the shape of a hexagon with the special features in the core surrounded by six academic fields, as shown below. 
Language A1: first language, including the study of selections from world literature. The IBO offers about 100 languages in this field.
Language A2, B, ab initio: second modern language at different levels.
Individuals and Societies: history, geography, economics, philosophy, psychology, social anthropology, business and organization, information technology in a global society and Islamic history.
Experimental Sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, environmental systems, design technology.
Mathematics: mathematics HL, mathematical studies SL, mathematical methods SL and advanced mathematics SL.
Arts and Electives: This includes visual arts, music and theatre arts, with emphasis placed on practical production by the student and exploration of a range of creative work in a global context.